Monthly Archives: April 2015




Today I awake

knowing that I am a frail man.

Today I reach into the abyss

for an invisible hand.

Not to guide markets,

But to guide my heart.

Not to show me the end,

but to show me where to start.

Today I remember her

frail form once full of energy and life.

Today I feel the pain of uncertainty

cutting like the surgeon’s knife.

Today I pray Lord Jesus you would make a way

From sickness to health.

From my poverty of Spirit

to your Kingdom’s wealth.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings.

But I pray you would hear

our prayers today.


Simple Man


I stand in the dark

searching the intentions of my heart.

Feeling my vitality and my weakness.

Knowing its not enough to get the job done.

In me is a heart to change the world,

but the simple man is satisfied changing himself.




The miraculous flow.

Sweep me away sweet Spirit.

Make me the man,

I do not know.





I am ready to forgive

because I can’t live

in this open cell,

my own version of hell.

To wish that those who hurt me fail

Brings to not the tearing of the veil.

I believe grace travels outside of karma.

And the wine of the kingdom is sweater

than the bitter fruits of the world.