I am home

but I am not at home.

For the things I carry leave me feeling alone.

I see my friend in his new home,

and I see the American dream that has eluded me.

Friends marry and their children grow

and I am not there to celebrate with them.

Part of me wants a home.

But I know I have been called

to serve Jesus alone.

I fear no man

for I am in the grips of His Divine hand.

His way is dark to me.

And the magnitude of his majesty terrifies me.

But he promises all I have lost

He shall repay.

Not my hands but His grace paves the way.

I am thankful for enough bread for today.

And I am hopeful His Kingdom shall break through

and I shall see His glory in a new way.

After He has tested me I shall come out as gold.

After he has humbled me

I shall be ready to lead.



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