Monthly Archives: May 2017

Undying Love



I’ve seen healing

and I’ve seen pain.

I’ve walked the wasteland

and He’s cleansed me in the rain.

I weep tears on the thirsty ground.

Such sorrow that cannot be voiced with sound.

I’ve seen so much taken from those I love.

All flesh is like grass

and all its glory like the flowers of the field.

The grass withers

and the flowers fall.

And I’ve felt the frenzied fear of frailty.

The knowledge that one day

we will have to let go of it all.

But the Lord

He spoke to me from far away.

He broke my idols before me.

He spoke into my Spirit and said His love is greater.

For he has loved us with an undying love.

Again He shall restore the breach.

Again He shall plant on pleasant hills.

He shall plant vineyards and he shall prune the vines.

And we shall drink of the Holy Spirit

And He will fill us

For His love is better than wine.

My heart cried out “Abba, Father”

and He filled me with His Love that transcends time.

For God is love

and all who are filled with His love walk in the Divine.

In Him we live and move and have our being.

His love reshapes the world

Like the potter molds the clay.

He gives us hope for tomorrow.

He gives us bread for today.

I’ve encountered His power.

And I’ve been overcome by His glory.

But His undying love is a deeper story.

I’ve spent my life in the shallows afraid of sinking deep.

But a shepherd must follow the Good Shepherd

to feed, lead, and feed his sheep.

I see a world divided.

But my heart shall not be deceived.

Oh death where is your sting.

For you will be brought under the feet of Jesus our King

For the Law of Love

and the revelation of His Word shall endure.

He shall restore all that is broken.

I know this for sure.